Updates From Harmony Beach – 3/3/23

Hello from the Northland!

We hope that you are doing well these days and the winter has been good for you and your family!

March has rolled in, which means spring is close.  This also means that the adventures on Kab and the rest of the Voyageurs system will be opening up soon too!

We wanted to pass along some general updates to the Harmony Beach Community, so here you go:

  • Big thanks to all of our returning guests!  It was so nice to meet some of you this past fall and great to chat with many of you these past few months.  Amazing to hear how long some of you have been coming up to the area with the generations of your families, and we hope to hear some more stories in-person this coming season.
    Almost everyone is processed and ready to go for this coming year, so if you haven’t wrapped up those deposit details please make sure to do so asap.
  • If you are still considering a trip up north this year, please reply so we can get you one of the remaining slots.  June and July are pretty packed already, and August bookings are flying fast!  If you are looking for a specific cabin or dates, we are keeping up with a listing of availabilities at the bottom of this webpage: https://harmonybeachresort.com/request-a-reservation/
    Find some dates that work with whatever cabin/villas are left, and we will get you slotted in!
    —The Bay View Lodge has a couple nice August slots open
    —Wolf’s Den in May just opened due to a schedule change
    —4th of July week also has a few new openings
  • We have also recently decided to open up former cabin #6 for rental this year – you can call this unit the Spruce Cabin! It has a similar configuration and style as Balsam, and is also another 2 bedroom unit.  We will be setting up the amenities this spring, but it will have 1 Queen bedroom, two twins in the 2nd room, and also a sleeper sofa/futon.  Kitchen, large bathroom, and nice deck with gas grill included – along with a window AC unit. More pictures will happen this spring once it gets decked-out, but the basics are online here: https://harmonybeachresort.com/accommodations-rates/cabins/spruce/
  • Boat rental reservations have also been getting filled out this year.  While I know many of you have your own ride, if are looking for something to get you around Kab for yourself or other guests coming with you, the existing fleet is still in place.  First come, first served: https://harmonybeachresort.com/rentals/
  • For a reminder on the seasonal dates for us:
    • We will be opening May 13th with the MN fishing opener
    • Prime Season of Saturday-to-Saturday weekly rentals goes from May 27th to August 26th
    • We will be wrapping up the year on September 26th

Thanks again for such a wonderful welcome to Harmony Beach!  We really appreciate all the warm wishes and can’t wait to meet the rest of you this coming season.  We absolutely love it up here and feel so blessed to have made a long time dream come true!

Best Always!
Dylan & Kristina Sirny
& Team @ The Harmony Beach Resort