World Class Fishing

World Class Fishing

Lake Kabetogama and the full Voyaguers National Park system is renowned for world class fishing. Kab has 24,000 acres of water and the combined park system has 84,000 acres of water to cruise.  Seriously, this is one of the most adventurous freshwater systems in the world and it consistently is producing a good supply of fish.  On Lake Kabetogama most people are hitting Walleye, Sauger, Northern Pike, Bass, Crappie, and Perch, however, there are other species available as well.

For a full list of species, fishery survey, and water quality reports please visit the MN DNR Lakefinder page here:

Northern Pike Fishing in Voyageurs National Park, Lake Kabetogama MN
Walleye Fishing in Voyageurs National Park, Lake Kabetogama MN


Please note that there are a couple special slot regulations to be mindful of:

  • Walleye and Sauger, combined possession limit is six (only 4 of the 6 can be Walleye). 
    All Walleye from 18-26” must be immediately released, and One over 26” is allowed in your possession.
  • Northern Pike slot is 30-40” that must be immediately released, and One over 40” is allowed in your possession.
  • Other regulations related to fishing Lake Kabetogama are posted at the Dock House.
  • *Remember, once you eat them up, you can cross off your possession counts!


Spring - fishing always creates excitement as fish travel from spawning beds to shallow reeds.
Warming Waters - by mid June, schooling walleyes travel to deeper waters challenging anglers to follow their feeding habits.
Mid-Summer - you'll find many anglers throwing everything in their tackle box at those lunker northern pike.
Fall - walleyes are still biting and it can be the best time all year for crappies.
Winter - get setup on the ice and mix it up!

Guide Services?

Many people often ask about fishing guide services, and yes, they can be extremely helpful – especially if you are new to the area.  Just like all lakes, there are some tips & tricks that help you connect with the local fish bite.  There is a lot of water out there, and the bite definitely changes with the season.  Different rigs, techniques, and locations can make all the difference in the world, and a day with a guide can give you a world of knowledge that will help you on subsequent days boosting results for a more enjoyable fishing trip, plus more success with fish in the boat!

In terms of starting places, we recommend and also have a nice Harmony Beach connection with:

There are also a number of other fantastic local guides in the area that are very experienced at fishing and tours.  Please visit the Kabetogama Lake Association page for more information about everyone in the neighborhood.

Fishing Guides =

Other Tour Guides =

The Golden Kab Walleye, Monster Pike, “Slabs on Kab” Crappie, Fighting Bass, & Jumbo Perch Await You!

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